Mid-West Shared Infrastructure Project


Mindax is actively exploring a regional infrastructure concept centred around its exciting Mt Forrest project, and other surrounding or neighbouring projects. The vision involves building large-scale shared infrastructure that facilitates the cost-effective transportation of magnetite iron ore from the Mid-West Region of Western Australia to ports for export. This would create an exciting opportunity for Mindax to advance the development of its flagship Mt Forrest project for the benefit of all shareholders. Moreover, it is pivotal in unlocking the value of iron ore assets in the Mid-West region of Western Australia, cementing a positive legacy and offering enduring economic benefits to the State.

On 9 November 2022, Mindax entered into a binding Heads of Agreement (HOA) with AGI Operations Pty Ltd (a company within the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group of companies) (AGIG). This strategic collaboration was established to conduct comprehensive studies assessing the commercial viability of the Mid-West Shared Infrastructure Project (MWSIP). Central to the Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) is the evaluation of the feasibility and cost structures associated with the development of a robust transportation system. This system will allow Mindax, and potentially a number of other mining and resources companies in the Mid-West, to transport magnetite ore to port for loading onto ships for export.

Mid-West Shared Infrastructure Project Map

The required infrastructure comprises a magnetite slurry pipeline, separate pipelines for gas and water, power generation and transmission systems, and end-of-line facilities. The development plan also includes critical port and marine infrastructure to facilitate for the storage and loading of magnetite. Within the scope of the PFS, there is also provision for a desalination plant, which is a crucial addition aimed at ensuring a sustainable adequate supply of water is available at the mining site, which underscores the project's commitment to environmental management and operational sustainability.

To ensure the precision and industry-specific insight required for such pivotal studies, Mindax and AGIG have secured the expertise of global engineering firm, Verbrec. Known for its leading role and specialised expertise in the development of pipelines, hydro-transport and various infrastructure projects, Verbrec is tasked with compiling both the Scoping Study and the PFS. This collaboration underscores the commitment to in-depth analysis and strategic planning in laying the groundwork for the project's success.