Directors & Management

The Mindax Board provides a diversity of experience and qualifications covering all areas of operations, targeted to optimise growth.

Mindax’s Board brings together a formidable array of geological, computational, legal, business and entrepreneurial qualifications and understanding that are not enjoyed by many other exploration and mining companies.

Every area in which the company operates is serviced very effectively by the knowledge, qualifications and skills of the Board.


Benjamin Chow

Benjamin Chow AO BE

Executive Chairman

Executive Chair (appointed 4 February 2021), member of audit committee and member of the remuneration and nomination committee. He first joined the board in October 2009.

Mr Chow is a distinguished Australian citizen who was born and educated in China, before emigrating to Australia in 1962. He has a business background in engineering, property development and leadership in the Chinese and Australian financial sectors.

He chaired the Council for Multicultural Australia which assists the Australian Government in implementing its multicultural policies. He has previously served as President of Australian Chinese Community Association of NSW, President of Chinese Australian Forum of NSW and Vice-president of the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW. He is a past member of the Council of National Museum of Australia, a member of the Bond University Council, President of Sydney University Nerve Research Foundation, a Trustee and current Chairman of Australian Chinese Charity Foundation and a Director of Chain Reaction Foundation Ltd.

Mr Chow was also a Director of Invocare Limited, an ASX-listed company.

Qinglong Zeng

Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director (appointed 19 June 2019), Chair of audit committee, member of remuneration and nomination committee.

Mr Zeng is an Australian citizen who was born in China and has a background in construction and property development businesses both in China and Australia.

Mr Zeng has not held any other public company directorships in the last three years.

Biaozhun Zhu

Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director (appointed 8 April 2020), Chair of remuneration and nomination committee, member of audit committee.

Biaozhun has more than 15 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, where he has owned and operated several successful businesses in Australia and China.

Mr Zhu has not held any other public company directorships in the last three years.

Dennis Wilkins B.Bus, MAICD, ACIS

Company Secretary

Mr Wilkins is the founder and principal of DWCorporate Pty Ltd, a leading privately held corporate advisory firm servicing the natural resources industry. Since 1994 he has been a director of, and involved in the executive management of, several publicly listed resource companies with operations in Australia, PNG, Scandinavia and Africa. From 1995 to 2001 he was the Finance Director of Lynas Corporation Ltd during the period when the Mt Weld Rare Earths project was acquired by the group. He was also founding director and advisor to Atlas Iron Limited at the time of Atlas’ initial public offering in 2006.

Since July 2001 Mr Wilkins has been running DWCorporate where he advises on the formation of, and capital raising for, emerging companies in the Australian resources sector. Mr Wilkins is currently a non-executive director of Key Petroleum Ltd since 5 July 2006.

Within the last three years Mr Wilkins is a former alternate director of Middle Island Resources Ltd (appointed 1 May 2010, resigned 31 January 2021).