Mindax is driving value for Western Australia by unlocking WA’s gold resources and realising the ‘green steel’ potential of the Yilgarn Province in the Mid West region of WA.

WA’s Yilgarn Province contains valuable but somewhat stranded magnetite assets that have the potential to feed a global Green Steel Revolution which represents a significant opportunity to lower global CO2 emissions.

Mindax is driving a green infrastructure project in the region that could create a new Green Steel supply chain from Western Australia to the world.

Mindax’s experienced and innovative management team is focussed on advancing its strategy in collaboration with various stakeholders.

As a sophisticated exploration company, Mindax is driving activity in the region to create viable long term projects through discovery or acquisition while utilising its advanced exploration expertise to bring these projects to production.

The company aims to add shareholder value in the following ways:

  1. Discovery and acquisition of new deposits and projects;
  2. Quantification of resources
  3. Development of projects.
  4. Divest non-performing assets
  5. Higher yield projects will be moved to production via Strategic partnerships