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27 June 2023

Western Australia’s Green Steel Opportunity Report

Western Australia has played a central role in the growth of the global steel industry for over 60 years. Global demand for finished steel products is expected to remain robust, albeit without the same levels of compound growth experienced over the past 20 years.

However, steelmaking is a very energy intense process resulting in the global steel industry being one of the largest carbon emitters in the world. As an important customer to Western Australia, it is important to understand the significant challenges steelmakers are facing to reduce emissions in their operations.

Technologies are emerging which can, and will, begin to reduce the energy and emissions intensity of steelmaking. Overtime there will be multiple pathways to achieve net zero emissions steelmaking.

The Western Australian Green Steel Opportunity report seeks to answer the question, what is needed for Western Australia to competitively deliver across the various stages of the green steel value chain?

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