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ACN 106 866 442



Benjamin Chow (Chairman)

Qinglong Zeng (Non-Executive Director)

Biaozhun Zhu (Non-Executive Director)

Dennis Wilkins - Company Secretary

The Mindax Board delivers a diversity of experience and qualifications covering all areas of operations and targeted to optimise growth.

Mindax’s Board brings together a formidable array of geological, computational, legal, business and entrepreneurial qualifications and understanding that are not enjoyed by many other exploration and mining companies.

Every area in which the company operates is serviced very effectively by the knowledge, qualifications and skills of the board.

Adding to this, are significant ties and understanding of the international resources market with particular reference to China.  The Mindax Board’s Chinese experience and connections are exemplary for the development of business ties and the progression to potential off take arrangements should reserves in Iron, Gold and Uranium be proven.


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