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Other Projects

The strength of the iron, copper-gold and uranium projects dominates Mindax’s exploration effort. From time to time, the company will update you on emerging projects.

The company does maintain a program to investigate these key resources in new areas and to search for other key commodities.

Mindax’s experienced and innovative management team keeps in place a diversity of prospective  projects, spread across the minerals sector.

As a sophisticated exploration company, the business of Mindax, is to create projects through discovery or acquisition and utilising our advanced exploration expertise, bring these projects to production. Thus, the company aims to add shareholder value in three ways:

Stage 1. Discovery and acquisition of new deposits and projects;

Stage 2. Quantification of resources and

Stage 3. Development of projects.

Stage 4. Divest non-performing assets

Stage 5. Higher yield projects will be moved to production via Strategic partnerships


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